Coca-Cola - Going All the Way

February 02, 2014 | 1:00

This sweet spot, shot in Packers territory of Green Bay, Wisc., shows a young man make an unlikely touchdown on his school field but keeps going until he reaches a second, more famous end zone and celebrates with a Coke. The groundskeeper's "Hey, kid" is a nice callback to Coca-Cola’s classic 1980 Super Bowl spot starring Mean Joe Greene ("Early Showers") -- if possibly more affecting with ad-industry pros who get the reference than the general Super Bowl audience in 2014.

Wieden & Kennedy's "Going All the Way" was one of two Coca-Cola ads in Super Bowl XLVIII, accompanying the marketer's "It's Beautiful." Coke helped amplify the publicity around the spot with a promise to donate $50,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of America after it generated 10,000 shares online, which took less than a day.

Director: Jake Scott, who also helmed Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” in the same Super Bowl. Production company: RSA Films. Executive producer: Tracie Norfleet. Line producer: David Mitchell. Head of production: Elicia Laport. 

Creative director: Hal Curtis. Executive creative directors: Joe Staples, Susan Hoffman. Creative directors: Antony Goldstein, Jeff Gillette. Producer: Anna Smith. Planners: Nicole Brandell, Maria Correa. Comms planning: Alex Barwick, Kelsey Bozanich. Business affairs: Karen Murillo. Project manager: Laurie Holtz. Head of production: Ben Grylewicz. 

Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors. Editor: Adam Pertofsky.

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  • BrandCoca-Cola
  • Year2014
  • AgencyWieden & Kennedy
  • Superbowl #XLVIII
  • Quarter airedQ4