Coca-Cola - It's Beautiful

February 02, 2014 | 1:00

Revisiting the one-world theme of Coca-Cola's 1972 classic "Hilltop" ad but celebrating one particular country, Coke and Wieden & Kennedy make the most of both the brand's global presence and America's melting pot in an ad showing a range of happy Americans having a good, ol' happy time while "America the Beautiful" rolls in English, Spanish, Keres, Tagalog, Hindi, Senegalese French and Hebrew. #AmericaIsBeautiful. Damn right it is.

Pundit Glenn Beck argued that the creative you see here was intended to divide the audience politically. "It’s in your face, and if you don’t like it, if you’re offended by it, you’re a racist," he said. "If you do like it, you’re for immigration. You’re for progress. That’s all this is: to divide people. Remember when Coke used to do the thing on the top and they would all hold hands? Now it’s ‘Have a Coke and we’ll divide you.'"

Undaunted, Coca-Cola ran an even longer version during opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, less than a week later. It also brought it back for a pre-game appearance in 2017, when the newly inaugurated President Trump's initial travel ban order was roiling the country. 

"It's Beautiful" was one of two Coca-Cola ads in Super Bowl XLVIII (see also "Going All the Way").

Director: John Hillcoat. Production company: Skunk. Music: Robert Miller.

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  • BrandCoca-Cola
  • Year2014
  • AgencyWieden & Kennedy
  • Superbowl #XLVIII
  • Quarter airedQ2