Diet Pepsi - Stunt Can

February 05, 2006 | :30

One of a pair of Diet Pepsi ads in Super Bowl XL (see also "Hip Hop Can"), "Stunt Can" finds Jay Mohr playing a talent agent (a la "Jerry Maguire") in a meeting with Jackie Chan, who wants Diet Pepsi to star with him in a big action movie. The tagline remains: “Light. Crisp. Refreshing.”

Both Diet Pepsi spots were created by DDB New York, and both proved to be exemplars of much Super Bowl advertising in general, and certainly the era's Pepsi Super Bowl advertising in particular "Celebrities? Check," wrote New York Times ad columnist Stuart Elliott. "Music? Check. Frantic pacing? You bet. Knocking Coke? Uh-huh."

Super Bowl XL was the 20th consecutive big game to include ads for Pepsi beverages. The following year's game would see PepsiCo's soda ads devoted to Sierra Mist ("Karate," "Combover").

Director: Prolific Super Bowl director Joe Pytka, who also lensed "Hip Hop Can" as well as spots such as Pepsi's classic "New Can" starring Cindy Crawford, Budweiser's "American Dream,"  Gatorade's "23 vs. 39" and Sony's "The Trip." Production company: Pytka.

Creative director: Pat Carella. Executive producer: Rikki Furman. Copywriter: Pat Carella. Art directors: Steven Zizila. Editorial: Cosmo Street.

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  • BrandDiet Pepsi
  • Year2006
  • AgencyDDB
  • Superbowl #XL
  • Quarter airedQ1