Dockers - Men Without Pants

February 07, 2010 | :30

The Levi Strauss brand Dockers returned to Super Bowl advertising after an eight-year absence (see 2002's "Little Black Dress") to refocus attention on its popular khakis with a commercial depicting a group of men singing the tune, "I Wear No Pants." The voiceover then calls “all men” and tells them “it’s time to wear the pants.”

Viewers of the ad were able to "tag" the ad using the Shazam music-identification app on iPhone to buy a download of the song or enter a contest to win a pair of khakis. (They could also just go to the company website.)  

The song first appeared on the 2004 album “Liver Let Die” by the Poxy Boggards, an American folk band. For more men in states of undress during Super Bowl XLIV, see also's "Casual Friday."

Dockers' first Super Bowl ads ran in 1991, when they were the first big-game buy for Levi Strauss as well ("Toy Boats," "Studebaker").

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