Doritos - Man's Best Friend

February 05, 2012 | :30

“Man’s Best Friend,” one of Doritos’ two “Crash the Super Bowl” winners in the 2012 game, isn’t quite as clean and crowd-pleasing as “Sling Baby,” the other. It involves dog-on-cat murder, a cover-up and bribery, for one thing. But it was still very well-liked, ranking No. 1 on USA Today’s traditional Ad Meter for the year, No. 2 on Nielsen’s list of the game’s best-liked spots and No. 6 on a version of USA Today’s Ad Meter that baked in Facebook voting.

USA Today’s decision to split its Ad Meter into two versions that year, each one ultimately won by a different Doritos commercial, meant the chips brand wound up paying out its $1 million bonus for Ad Meter winners not once but twice.

Doritos wasn't the only brand with a consumer-generated spot in Super Bowl XLVI: See also Chevy Camero's "Happy Grad."

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  • BrandDoritos
  • Year2012
  • AgencyGoodby, Silverstein & Partners
  • Superbowl #XLVI
  • Quarter airedQ2