E-Trade - Save It

February 03, 2013 | :30

For the sixth year in a row, E-Trade brought a financially savvy talking baby to the Super Bowl XLVII. Little did viewers know that the 30-second spot, which aired in the third quarter, was going to be the last time they'd see that campaign in the big game. In June of 2013, the company parted ways with Grey, the agency that created the campaign, and went on to sit out the next Super Bowl and ultimately retire the baby for good in the spring of 2014.

See the baby's debut spot from Super Bowl XLII in 2008 ("Talking Baby Part 1).

Grey chief creative officer: Tor Myhren. Creative directors: Kimberly Kietz, A.K. Mazza, Leo Savage. Art director: Corel Theuma. Copywriter: Jonathan Koffler, Peter Holmes, Peter Melief. Account: Kim Gordon, Jon Holding, A.J. Mazza, Melissa Ramos. Assistant producer: Sophia Pellicoro. Business manager: Angelique Vargas. Casting: Nina Pratt. Director of broadcast production: Bennett McCarroll. Executive producer (Vision Post): Gary Hirshfield. VP/executive producer: Kimberly Kietz. Line producer: Lindsay Brzowski. Mix: Michaela Moriarty.

Editorial: Vision Post. Editor: Alex Cohan. Assistant editor: Jackie Helfgott.

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  • BrandE-Trade
  • Year2013
  • AgencyGrey
  • Superbowl #XLVII
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