Fiat - Seduction

February 05, 2012 | :30

The Super Bowl normally calls for ads that nobody has seen before, or at least not until they are pre-released in the week or two before the game. But sometimes marketers just have a spot in hand that they really like, and that seemed to be the case in 2012 for Fiat, which ran a commercial by The Richards Group in Dallas that had been in circulation for months.

It effectively rolls humor, sex appeal and car shots into one efficient 30-second package. (The joke takes a little longer to pay off in Fiat’s 2015 Super Bowl ad “Blue Pill.”

Director: Luca Maroni. Production company: Directors Film Company. Director of photography: Stéphane Vallée. 

Art director: Lynda Hodge. Copywriter: David Canright. Agency producer: Greg Gibson. 

Post production: Charlie Uniform Tango. Editor/colorist/online VFX artist: Jack Waldrip. Executive producer: Mary Alice Butler. Audio engineer: Jake Kluge.

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  • BrandFiat
  • Year2012
  • AgencyThe Richards Group
  • Superbowl #XLVI
  • Quarter airedQ3