GoDaddy - Bodybuilder

February 02, 2014 | :30

GoDaddy, which started toning down its typical risque approach somewhat in 2013, delivered on a promise to stop the sexploitation in 2014. Sure, “Bodybuilder” shows a bunch of oiled-up, half-clothed... oh, wait, it’s men? Plus Danica Patrick in a muscle suit (built in partnership with Legacy Effects).

The stampeding herd of beefcake is heading for a tanning salon, owned by a woman who uses GoDaddy's services. “Bodybuilder” was directed by Bryan Buckley, whose sprawling Super Bowl portfolio also includes work for E-Trade ("Wasting $2 Million"), ("When I Grow Up") and Oxygen Media ("Babies"). It was one of two GoDaddy spots in Super Bowl XLVIII (see also "The Epic Quit"), continuing a long big-game run that would continue for just one more year.

Director: Bryan Buckley, whose countless other big-game ads include another 2014 spot, TurboTax's excellent "Love Hurts." Production company: Hungry Man. Director of photography: Scott Henrickson. Executive producer: Mino Jarjoura. Producer: Brady Vant Hull.

Chief creative officer: Kerry Keenan. Executive creative director: Matt McKay. Associate creative director/art director: Rich Kolopeaua. Associate creative director/copywriter: James Cowie. Director of integrated production: Joe Calabrese. Senior producer: Crissy Cicco. VP-brand marketing: Will Sliger. 

VFX: Framestore. Head of production: Satoko Iinuma. Senior producer: Sarah Hiddlestone. Lead compositor: Raul Ortego.

Editorial: Bikini Editorial. Editor: Avi Oron. Assistant editor: Gus Roman. Executive producer: Gina Pagano. Senior producer: Brad Wood. Telecine: Company 3. Colorist: Tom Poole.

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  • BrandGoDaddy
  • Year2014
  • AgencyDeutsch
  • Superbowl #XLVIII
  • Quarter airedQ4