GoDaddy - Shower

February 01, 2009 | :30

Apparently GoDaddy domains come bundled with a live stream from Danica Patrick’s bathroom.

"Shower," one of two internally-created 2009 Super Bowl entries from GoDaddy (see also "Baseball"), features race car driver Danica Patrick in a shower with another woman as three college students control the women's movements from a computer keyboard. Unsurprisingly, the domain registrar’s spot teases risqué footage that can only be accessed on its website.

The ad is representative of GoDaddy's Super Bowl strategy at the time: Using adolescent humor and innuendo to get attention, even criticism, in service of raising its brand profile and drawing visitors to its site. Eventually the company concluded that its name was well-enough known, and perhaps that its original shtick had taken it as far as possible. See GoDaddy's 2014 Super Bowl ad ad "The Epic Quit" to contrast "Shower" with GoDaddy's later approach.

For the immediate future, however, GoDaddy would be back with its tried and true in 2010 ("News").

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  • BrandGoDaddy
  • Year2009
  • Agencyinternal
  • Superbowl #XLIII
  • Quarter airedQ2