GoDaddy - Your Big Idea

February 03, 2013 | :30

After years of creating and producing its own ads in-house or with the help of small agencies, GoDaddy tapped Deutsch New York for two spots, "Perfect Match" in the second commercial break of Super Bowl XLVII and "Your Big Idea" after the two-minute warning in the game's fourth quarter.

The spots tone down a bit the sexual exploitation of previous years, with “Your Big Idea” showing wives around the world urging their husbands to register that great online-business idea before it’s too late. But “Perfect Match” shows that GoDaddy still had some of that adolescent sensibility, going for the laugh by setting up a make-out between supermodel Bar Rafaeli and geeky “Walter,” played by actor Jesse Heiman.

The company released both ads ahead of the game to capture online attention.

Director: Mike Maguire. Production company: Biscuit Filmworks. Producer: Susan Hebert. 

Partner/chief creative officer: Greg DiNoto. Group creative director/art director: George Decker. Group creative director: Morgan Carroll. Executive producer: Greg Tharp. Agency creative director: Jin Park. Copywriter: Reuben Hower. Art Director: Chuck Tso. 

Editorial/post production: The Cutting Room. Editor: Chuck Willis.

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  • BrandGoDaddy
  • Year2013
  • AgencyDeutsch
  • Superbowl #XLVII
  • Quarter airedQ2