Google - Coming Home

February 05, 2017 | 1:00

Home, Google's virtual assistant, made its Super Bowl debut in a commercial by 72andSunny that had been on the air for a while. The move underscored the company's efforts to increase revenue from consumer electronics that also include its Pixel smartphone and Nest smart devices.

Google didn't have a presence in the 2016 big game, when Amazon advertised its Alexa-powered Echo device ("Baldwin Bowl"). Google previously charmed big-game viewers with a surprise ad for its search engine in 2010's Super Bowl XLIV called "Parisian Love."

It was an unusual move to show an existing ad, however. At least Google had company in that: Other Super Bowl LI advertisers that didn't make new creative for their expensive ad time include Coca-Cola ("Love Story"), Sprite ("Tacos"), Fiji Water ("Nature's Gift") and King's Hawaiian ("False Cabinet"). For that matter, Coke pulled off the same stunt to memorable acclaim in the 1980 Super Bowl (and 1981!) with "Early Showers," otherwise known as they "Hey Kid" ad starring “Mean” Joe Greene.

Director: Siri Bunford, one of Ad Age's finalists for Director of the Year in the 2017 Creativity Awards. Production company: Knucklehead.

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