Honda - Peaks

February 06, 2005 | :30

Introducing the Ridgeline truck, via RPA in Santa Monica, Calif. No jokes, all sell, featuring the power, construction, lockable trunk feature and, "above all," Honda pedigree. The "above all" line syncs with a shot of a Ridgeline negotiating mountains above the cloud line. A compelling positioning and a deft use of the airtime that $2.4 million got advertisers on average in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Director: Super Bowl veteran Erich Joiner, whose other big-game work includes Bridgestone's "Performance Football" and "Performance Basketball" in 2012, Bud Light's "Skier" and "Meeting" in 2009, Bud Light's "Wine & Cheese Party" in 2008 and AT&T's "Gilligan's Island" in 2003. Production company: Tool of North America.

Creative director: David Smith, Joe Baratelli. Copywriters: Nathan Crow, Seth Prandini. Agency producer: Gary Paticoff.

VFX: The Orphanage. VFX executive producer: Paul Grimshaw. VFX producer: Paul Hettler. VFX supervisor: Ben Grossman. CG supervisor: Beau Cameron.

Editorial: Jigsaw.

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  • BrandHonda
  • Year2005
  • AgencyRPA
  • Superbowl #XXXIX
  • Quarter airedQ1