Hyundai - First Date

February 07, 2016 | 1:00

Kevin Hart and Hyundai win USA Today's popularity contest even before the game's first snap.

There were many years, in fact, when Ad Age only considered a proper Super Bowl to be a national buy between kick-off and the final whistle -- you know, during the game. But events forced our hand, including not just the USA Today Ad Meter victory for "First Date," which aired in between the coin toss and kickoff, but the realization the Xerox's 1976 classic "Monks" also ran immediately prior to kickoff.

"First Date," by Innocean, was followed by two more properly in-game spots that year, "The Chase" in the first quarter and "Ryanville" in the second.

Together the ads show the way that auto marketers were increasingly emphasizing the technology in their cars, apart from power and mileage. "We are going through a technical revolution like we've never seen before," Hyundai Motor America Chief Marketing Officer Dean Evans told Ad Age before the game. "It used to be where the car had four wheels and a trip computer. Now these are computers with four wheels. That is the fast-evolving world we are going in."

Hyundai released "First Date" four days before Super Bowl 50.

Director: Peter Berg ("Battleship," "Friday Night Lights"). Production company: Pony Show Entertainment.

Hyundai CMO: Dean Evans. Senior manager advertising: Monique Morin Kumpis.

Innocean chief creative officer: Eric Springer. Group creative director: Barney Goldberg. Creative director: Bob Rayburn. Associate creative director/art director: Jose Eslinger. Associate creative director/copywriter: Carissa Levine. Director of integrated production: Carol Lombard. Executive producer: Harry Lowell. Producer: Shefali Valdez.

Head of account services: Marisstella Marinkovic. Group account directors: Michelle Agnew, Nicole Timerson. Account supervisor: Allison Morrissey. Media: Ben Gogley, James Zayti. Head of strategy: Frank Striefler. Planning director: Kathleen Kindle. Project manager: Suzanne Cheng. Business affairs: Lisa Nichols.

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  • BrandHyundai
  • Year2016
  • AgencyInnocean
  • Superbowl #50
  • Quarter airedpre-kick