Ice Breakers - Meet Carmen

February 03, 2008 | :30

Hershey's brought its Ice Breakers brand to the Super Bowl in 2008 to try to revive lagging sales. The spot, by Omnicom's TraceyLocke, presents Carmen Electra at autograph time, meeting one freak after another. When a piece of minty chewing gum makes her say "Whoa," her security guards mistake it for a sign that a fan has gone too far. 

Before the game, Hershey's sought to build hype in the real world by filling its Times Square store with Ice Breakers displays and bringing in Electra for a publicity event, where she was accompanied by faux cheerleaders and visitors played games, BizBash reported at the time.  

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  • BrandIce Breakers
  • Year2008
  • AgencyTraceyLocke
  • Superbowl #XLII
  • Quarter airedQ3