Intel - Lunchroom

February 07, 2010 | :30

An Intel geek in the company lunchroom is bragging about the new Core processors -- "the greatest thing we have ever made" -- and hurts the feelings of Jeffrey. Who is a robot. Cute robots can’t fail in the Super Bowl. (Outright depressed robots are another story; see General Motors’ “Robot” from Super Bowl XLI in 2007.)

Intel used its ad time in Super Bowl XLIV to kick off a campaign for its 2010 Intel Core Processor, which it billed as its biggest product launch in five years. It was the only business-to-business marketer in that year's game. Next year that title would belong to Salesforce ("Cloud Interview," "Impossible Things.")

Director: Stacy Wall. Production company: Imperial Woodpecker. Director of photography: Seamus McGarvey. Executive producer: Doug Halbert. Producer: Jeff McDougall.

Agency creative director: Paul Venables. Associate creative director: Tyler Hampton. Associate creative director: Paul Foulkes. Art director: Greg Wyatt. Copywriter: Mary Hernandez. Broadcast production director: Craig Allen. Agency producer: Kacey Hart.

Editorial: The Whitehouse. Editor: Dan Oberle. Music: Elias Arts. Mix: Lime Studios. Mixer: Rohan Young. VFX: Ring of Fire. VFX producer: Casey Conroy.

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  • Year2010
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