Jeep - Snow

January 29, 1995 | :30

Bozell in Southfield, Mich., created this gem of a Super Bowl spot for Jeep, a brand one might all too easily assume is best marketed with muddy roads and lots and lots of product shots. Instead "Snow" doesn't even picture the car -- all the better the engage the imagination of Super Bowl viewers.

It does, however, benefit from built-in brand awareness among viewers as well as a memorable feature demo once it becomes clear that it's been a Jeep so easily pushing all that snow around. 

Surprisingly, "Snow" wasn't even the only ad in Super Bowl XXIX to barely show the product: Apparel line "No Fear" went for attitude over anything else in its ad, "Rodeo."

Jeep did not advertise regularly in the Super Bowl after this game until the mid-2010s, with some new classics such as "Portraits" and "4x4ever."

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  • BrandJeep
  • Year1995
  • AgencyBozell
  • Superbowl #XXIX
  • Quarter aired