Kia - The Truth

February 02, 2014 | 1:00

Super Bowl XLVIII was Kia's fifth consecutive big game, and the automaker again used independent agency David & Goliath for creative duties, but there was a different mission underway than usual.

With the introduction of the K900, Kia wanted to change consumer perception of the Kia name and of luxury cars, a tall order for a company known for entry-level vehicles. So for this high-stakes K900 ad, it enlisted the help of Laurence Fishburne, in character as Morpheus from "The Matrix." (Super Bowl advertising is a rich vein of clever takes on existing pop culture see other movie parodies including Pepsi's 1995 "Field of Dreams", FedEx's 2003 "Desert Island" and Bud Light's 2010 "Stranded.")

The ensuing bit of “Matrix”-themed alternate reality seems like it's going to be a bit predictable, until Morpheus really takes things around the bend. This is a 90-second online version of the 60-second ad that actually aired in the third quarter.

Directors: Carl Erik Rinsch, Colin Jeffery. Production company: MJZ. Chief creative officer: David Angelo. Executive creative director: Colin Jeffery. Associate creative director/art director: Kristian Grove Moller. Art director: Mike Wilson. Copywriter: Courtney Pulver. Head of production: Carol Lombard. Executive producer: Paul Albanase. Senior producer: Jennifer Giannettoni. Managing partner/client services: Brian Dunbar. Director of business affairs: Rodney Pizarr. Head of strategic planning: Seema Miller. Associate strategic planning director: Steven Garcia. President: David Zander. Executive producer: Kate Leahy. Head of production: Janet Nowosad. Producer: Line Postmyr. Director of photgraphy: Christopher Soos. Production Designer: Jan Roelfs. Wardrobe stylist: Kym Barrett. Editorial: Union Editorial.

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  • BrandKia
  • Year2014
  • AgencyDavid & Goliath
  • Superbowl #XLVIII
  • Quarter airedQ3