Lifewtr - Inspiration Drops

February 05, 2017 | :30

This spot for PepsiCo's new premium water brand, just on shelves since the end of January, shows a city transformed by a rainstorm that turns everything into art -- even if it seems questionable for anybody to collect these particular raindrops in their mouths.

The artsy theme was a big part of the marketing push for the new brand, whose packaging features rotating designs created by emerging artists.

The ad, by R/GA's Hustle Chicago, features music by John Legend. It went up against a 15-second commercial for another water brand, Fiji, in the thid quarter ("Nature's Gift").

PepsiCo also used its halftime sponsorship to promote Pepsi Zero Sugar.

Director: Robert Stromberg. Production company: RSA.

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  • BrandLifewtr
  • Year2017
  • AgencyHustle
  • Superbowl #LI
  • Quarter airedQ1