Mercedes-Benz - Fable

February 01, 2015 | 1:00

A retelling of the tortoise-and-the-hare fable, this spot marked Mercedes' third Super Bowl appearance, and a return after a year off. Mercedes had last appeared in the game in 2013's "Soul,"  which also used some familiar characters but with a significantly darker tone.

"Fable," directed by RSA's Robert Stromberg ("Maleficent") with VFX/animation by MPC, N.Y., was unveiled on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" together with a car giveaway pitting audience members against each other in a race wearing tortoise and hare costumes.

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  • BrandMercedes-Benz
  • Year2015
  • AgencyMerkley & Partners
  • Superbowl #XLIX
  • Quarter airedQ4