Michelob Ultra Amber - Touch Football

February 05, 2006 | :30

Michelob parent Anheuser-Busch made an effort to appeal to both men and women in its crop of ads for Super Bowl XL, noting women consume about 20% of the company’s beer volume. It's not clear whether women appreciated the visual means of telegraphing that light beer just got "darker" in this ad, however, even if some necessary revenge wraps the whole thing up.

Comedic hard tackles are nearly a staple of Super Bowl advertising ("Terry Tate lives, in spirit anyway," Ad Age reviewer Bob Garfield would note approvingly.) Subsequent victims would include Betty White ("Game") and Tim Tebow's mom ("Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life").

Michelob, for its part, sat out the next few Super Bowls before returning in 2010 ("Little Bumps").

Director: Russell Bates. Production company: Crossroads Films. Agency producer: Johnny Chambers. Copywriter: Steve Hunt, Neil Wissmann, Mike Binnette. Editorial: School Editing.

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  • BrandMichelob Ultra Amber
  • Year2006
  • AgencyCannonball
  • Superbowl #XL
  • Quarter airedQ2