M&Ms - Human

February 04, 2018 | :30

Mars Inc. brings its M&Ms brand back to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2014 ("Delivery"), but the theme hasn't changed: Anthropomorphic "spokescandies" struggle to comprehend a world where people just want to eat them. 

Last time, "Yellow" didn't understand his role at the party he was joining. In 2018, "Red" groks the situation too well. His wish to become human pays off at least briefly, as Danny DeVito turns out not to tempt passers-by.

The ad by BBDO New York also features the voice of Vanessa Williams as the brown M&M. And, in an apparent bid to appeal to the youth, one of the people DeVito approaches on the street to ask whether he wants to eat him is YouTube star Todrick Hall. Mars released the ad on Jan. 29, 2018, the Monday before the game. It wound up scoring in the top 10 for entertainment value on Ad Age's inaugural Super Bowl Ad Rank With Morning Consult, in which nearly 4,00 marketing pros rated every spot for entertainment and effectiveness.

M&Ms made the game in 2014 after an internal debate at Mars between using time for the hardshell candies or sibling brand Snickers, but that was the end of a three-year streak. For the next few games, Mars favored Snickers and Skittles, Snickers with ads including the live 2017 spot "Old West" and Skittles with its own three-year run culminating in "Romance." Both brands sat out 2018.

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  • BrandM&Ms
  • Year2018
  • AgencyBBDO
  • Superbowl #LII
  • Quarter airedQ1