Motorola - Empower the People

February 06, 2011 | 1:00

Motorola and Anomaly in 2011 took a cue from the critics who'd begun pointing out that Apple had come full circle since its "1984" spot, with the success of its iPhone and walled-garden iTunes store. Here Apple is no longer the revolutionary but the bad guy, creating a class of white-wearing sheeple isolated from the wider world. 

Motorola made the point in support of its Xoom tablet, which won a Best in Show at CES that year but wasn't able to dent the iPad's lead in the category. Moto previously ran Super Bowl ads in 2010 ("Motoblur"), 2006 ("Pebl") and 2000 ("Snake" and "Turtle")

Verizon used the 2011 game, meanwhile, to promote the iPhone's arrival on its network ("I Can Hear You Now").

Director: Randy Krallman. Production company: Smuggler. Director of photography: Nigel Bluck. Executive producers: Brian Carmody, Allison Kunzman, Nick Landon, Patrick Milling Smith. Producer: Cory Berg.

Anomaly executive creative director/partner: Mike Byrne. Creative director/partner: Richard Mulder. Copywriter: Jessica Ghersi. Art director: Grant Mason. Head of production: Andrew Loevenguth. Brand director: Laura Aldington.

Post/effects: Absolute Post. Lead VFX/Inferno artist: Dirk Greene. VFX supervisor: David Smith. VFX artist: Betty Cameron. VFX artists: Asuka Otake, Krissy Nordella, Aniello Zampella. Lead CG artist: Ivan Guerrero. Executive producer: Sally Heath. Producer: John Skeffington.

Music: Amber Music, Bicoastal. Executive producer: Michelle Curran. Composer: Biggi Hilmars. Track: "Biggi's Waltz."

Editorial: Beast Editorial. Editor: Lucas Eskin. Executive producer: Elizabeth Krajewski. Producer: Julia Williams. Assistant editor: Hope Needles.

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