PayPal - There's a New Money in Town

February 07, 2016 | :45

With a soundtrack the evokes Kanye West's throbbing "Black Skinhead," PayPal comes to the Super Bowl for the first time with a more aggressive vibe than the amiable brand projected before. 

It's not just the score or the quick cuts, it's the insults tossed at "old money," represented by glimpses of suspenders, green lampshades and banks closing at 5 p.m. The critique isn't airtight at a time when consumers could already access their bank accounts anytime by smartphone, but the vibe cuts through the clutter and, it's true, PayPal does offer some features that your "old" bank doesn't.  

"There's a New Money in Town" was created by Crispin Porter & Bogusky L.A., which had begun working on the account the summer before. It was also the first major brand campaign for PayPal as an independent company following its split from eBay in July 2015.

"This ad is more than a commercial -- it's our opportunity to introduce the world to PayPal's vision for the future of money -- to empower people and businesses to move and manage money securely, efficiently and affordably," said Greg Fisher, VP-global brand marketing, PayPal, in a statement before the Super Bowl. "The launch of this ad is just the beginning of our new brand campaign designed to start a larger conversation about a reimagined financial world that must include everyone."

The company released the ad the Thursday before the game.

Director: Nabil. International production company: Reset Content. Executive producer: Jeff McDougall. Producer: Deannie O'Neil. Director of Photography: Rik Zang. 1st assistant camera director: Steven Camendy. South African production company: Gatehouse Commercials. Executive producer: Bev Wynne. Producer: Torben Bülbring. Production manager: Laila Shrand. Production coordinator: Kim Fowler.

Executive creative director: Kevin Jones. VP-creative director: Robin Fitzgerald. Senior art director: Mike Wilson. Senior copywriter: Chelsea O'Brien. VP-director of content production: Kate Hildebrant, Senior integrated producer-video: Ian Kelly. Junior producer-video: Jessica Piele. VP-executive business affairs manager: Rebecca Williams. Junior business affairs manager: Taylor Tsuji. VP-account director: Laura Likos. Content supervisor: Georgette Young. Content manager: Sasha Rawji.
Executive strategy director: Benny Thomas. Associate director-planning: Steven Garcia. Project Manager: Catrina Cosculluela. 

Finishing and VFX: A52. Lead Flame artist: Urs Furrer. Flame artist: Christel Hazard. CG lead artists: Kirk Shintani, Andrew Romatz. CG artists: Manny Guizar, Paulo de Almada. Colorist: Paul Yacono. Color Assist: Chris Riley. Art director: Leanne Dare. Designers: Krystal Sojo, Lyn Cho, Jon Forsman. AE Animator: Trix Taylor. Producers: Andrin Mele-Shadwick, Heather Johann. Executive producer: Patrick Nugent. Head< Send credit info to [email protected].

  • BrandPayPal
  • Year2016
  • AgencyCrispin Porter & Bogusky
  • Superbowl #50
  • Quarter airedQ1