Pepsi - Anticipation

February 03, 2013 | :30

Pepsi used one of its two 30-second spots in Super Bowl XLVII as a countdown to its halftime show, headlined by its global brand ambassador since two months earlier, Beyoncé. The brand was resuming its sponsorship of the show after Bridgestone reworked its NFL deal to pivot away from halftime.

The creative incorporates photos that consumers submitted before Super Bowl Sunday as part of Pepsi's effort to generate engagement.

"We're hoping for a bigger takeaway than just Pepsi is the sponsor," said Angelique Krembs, VP-marketing for trademark Pepsi, told Ad Age before the game. "There's never actually been an ad in that position. We hope that will change the conversation and make this not feel like a traditional commercial."

(Bud Light actually ran a sort of intro spot before halftime the year before, "Welcome to Halftime," but was leading into Bridgestone's show, not its own.)

Mekanism in New York compiled the 120,000 submissions and created the final spot.

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