Qualcomm - Flo TV - Injury Report

February 07, 2010 |

Qualcomm came to Super Bowl XLIV to generate national awareness for its fledgling service Flo TV, which sent live and time-shifted programming to mobile devices from twentysomething networks, including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, MTV and Comedy Central. (The “Flo” stood for “forward link only,” meaning the data was not a two-way connection.)

"Injury Report" shows how Flo TV’s “personal television” can help a guy stay connected to live sports even while he’s shopping. Another ad offers a montage of major TV moments ("Moments"), many of which wouldn’t count as “entertainment” but still make Flo TV’s point that there are things you don’t want to miss. 

Both ads were created by Magner Sanborn and Agency 3.0, shops with a history of collaboration, Qualcomm said at the time. Flo TV unfortunately had a lot of competition in the rapidly escalating war for streaming video services. Qualcomm shuttered Flo TV in March 2011 and sold the spectrum to AT&T. 

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  • BrandQualcomm - Flo TV
  • Year2010
  • AgencyMagner Sanborn, Agency 3.0
  • Superbowl #XLIV
  • Quarter airedQ2