Quiznos - Dart

February 03, 2002 | :30

Quiznos and Subway Restaurants both came to the Super Bowl for the first time in 2002.

While Subway deployed Jared Fogle to preach fat-free subs in "Interruption," "Dart" and "Guillotine" from Cliff Freeman & Partners overthink fast food ads' taste tests to humorous effect. (See Trident's 2003 Super Bowl "Squirrel" for another gag in the same vein.) 

Quiznos was embarking on a big run, growing from 1,500 restaurants on game day in 2002 to 2,000 a year later, en route to 5,000. It also returned to the Super Bowl twice, with the 2003 ad "Focus" and the creeptastic 2005 installation "By the Pool."  

But along the way, Subway co-opted the selling proposition of this Super Bowl ad, and of much other Quiznos marketing: toasting. By 2015 Quiznos was back down to 1,500 restaurants while Subway counted tens of thousands.

Director: Jeff Gorman. Production company: JGF. Producer: Lilly Labonge.

Creative directors: Richard Bullock, Taras Wayner. Art director: Guy Shelmerdine. Agency Producer: Matt Bijarchi. 

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  • BrandQuiznos
  • Year2002
  • AgencyCliff Freeman & Partners
  • Superbowl #XXXVI
  • Quarter airedQ1