Schick Hydro - Robot Razors

February 07, 2016 | :30

A new razor and an old model turn into robots when their owner isn't looking and fight to the death. So much for valuing your elders' wisdom.

The pitch -- "a hydrating gel reservoir that gives you 40% less friction" -- is no easier to take literally than most razor come-ons, but it suggests something good. And what Super Bowl viewer doesn't like progress, fighting robots or both? 

Schick, part of the Edgewell Personal Care company spun out of Energizer Holdings in 2015, later turned the heroic animated Super Bowl razor from this ad into a 7-foot-tall mascot roaming the San Diego Comic-Con.  

"Razor Robots," created by J. Walter Thompson, aired after Dollar Shave Club's surprise appearance earlier in the game ("Zeke"). They both followed some memorable Super Bowl advertising for razors over the years, notably Gillette's 1989 "The Best a Man Can Get."

Director: Ben Smith. Production company: The Mill. Director of Photography: Adam Carboni. Executive producer: Zu Al-Kadiri. Producer: Nic Barnes. Production supervisor: Tia Perkins. Production coordinator: Andre Slaughter.

JWT worldwide chief creative officer: Matt Eastwood, Chief creative officer, New York: Brent Choi. Executive creative director: Sarah Barclay. Creative directors: Greg Erdelyi, Billy Faraut.  Account director: Erik Wagner. Business director: Ariel Stern. Producer: Philip Schneider. Planning: Joydeep Dey.

VFX/design/editorial: The Mill.  Producer: Colin Moneymaker. Shoot supervisor: Jeff Lopez. 2D lead artist: Kyle Cody. 3D lead artist: Jeff Lopez. 2D artists: Yoon-Sun Bae. Lead CG lighter: Yong Chan Kim. 3D artists: Todd Akita, Alex Allain, Dave Barosin, Nick Couret, Tom Cushwa, Justin Diamond, Ren Hsien-Hsu, Ivan Joy, Christine Kim, Tim Kim, Eric Lane, Paul Liaw, Goran Ognjanovic, Xuan Seifert, Navdeep Singh, Olivier Varteressian. Design: Pierce Gibson, Ian Bradley, Sally Reynolds. Concept development: Kurt Kaufman, Paul Liaw, Mark Yates.

Editor: Charlotte Carr.

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  • BrandSchick
  • Year2016
  • AgencyJWT
  • Superbowl #50
  • Quarter airedQ4