Skittles - Settle It

February 01, 2015 | :30

As weird as it is, this ad via Omnicom Group's DDB is almost normal compared to Skittles' typical advertising. No Skittles beards or Skittles teeth or Skittles-pox or Skittles clouds. Just an Old West town of dominant-armed freaks -- young, old, male, female, canine -- who settle their Skittles beefs the old-fashioned way: with arm-wrasslin' contests. It's eye-catching, hits the right notes for the target demographic and speaks to a universal truth (Skittles eaters do have favorite colors). 

The ad was Skittles' first official Super Bowl appearance. It won big in the 2014 Super Bowl even without an ad because Seattle Seahawks star Marshawn Lynch was a notorious fan. In 2015, its candy competition in the game was a Mars Inc. sibling, Snickers, which continued its "You're Not You When You're Hungry" campaign with "Very Brady."

Skittles, part of Mars' Wrigley division, would return to the Super Bowl for 2016 with an ad starring Aerosmith Steven Tyler ("The Portrait"), and again face Snickers ("Marilyn"). That year Mars sought to play up the brands' competition for consumers with a sweet tooth by striking up a "Candy Bowl," which encouraged shoppers to declare themselves for Team Skittles or Team Snickers.

Director: Dante Ariola. Production company: MJZ. Senior executive producer: Scott Howard. Producer: Natalie Hill.

DDB chief creative officer: John Maxham. Executive creative director: Mark Gross. Associate creative director/copywriter: Kathleen Tax. Associate creative director/art director: Marisa Groenweghe. Executive director of integrated production: Diane Jackson. Executive producer: Will St. Clair. Production manager: Scott Terry. Audio mixer: Nicholas Papaleo.

Color: Company 3. Colorist: Stefan Sonnefeld.

Special effects: Legendary. Post effects: Method Studios. VFX supervisor: Marc Weigert. VP of global production: Gabby Gourrier. Executive producer: Stephanie Gilgar. Producer: Jennie Burnett. 2D supervisor: Patrick Ferguson. Lead Flame artist: Mark Renton.

Editorial: Cut + Run. Editor: Jay Nelson. Assistant editor: Kendra Juul. Executive producer: Carr Schilling. Head of production: Amburr Farls. Managing director: Michelle Eskin.

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  • BrandSkittles
  • Year2015
  • AgencyDDB
  • Superbowl #XLIX
  • Quarter aired1