Squarespace - A Better Web Awaits

February 02, 2014 | :30

Don't tell the dot com bowl ads you'll see over in 2000, but the web is a frightening place -- full of annoying, disruptive banners and pop-ups asking about your mortgage, offering up nudie photos, and telling you you have a virus. Squarespace collects them all in its debut Super Bowl spot, created internally and released online the Monday before the game. It shows a long-haired protagonist getting really, truly scared at the sight of the online freakshow (which happens to look a lot like Times Square on a Friday night).

The web design company puts an encouraging, aspirational spin on the whole thing, telling you that it's within your power to make the internet a more beautiful place (by using Squarespace's services). Although GoDaddy is right there competing in Super Bowl XLVIII (see "The Epic Quit"), this would be the last Super Bowl for Squarespace before an even more direct rival showed up: Wix.com.

Director: Malcom Venville. Production company: Anonymous Content. Executive producer: Eric Stern. Producer: John Benet.

Chief creative officer: David Lee. Creative: Paul Caiozzo, Nathan Frank Producer: Rich Minkoff.

Editorial: Arcade Edit. Editor: Geoff Hounsell. Post production: The Mission. Managing director: Michael Pardee. Creative director: Rob Trent. Sound design: Joseph Fraioli Music: Human. Mix: Lime Studios. Mixer: Sam Casas.

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  • BrandSquarespace
  • Year2014
  • Agencyinternal
  • Superbowl #XLVIII
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