Taco Bell - It Rocks

February 07, 2010 | :30

Super Bowl regular Taco Bell follows up its 2009 big-game ad ("Speed Date") with a dare: Just try not to get sucked in by the hypnotic rhyming of Charles Barkley and a surreal backdrop crossing the “Gotta Dance!” sequence in “Singin’ in the Rain” with “Grand Theft Auto.”

What you make of all that is up to you, but hungry teenagers and college students might remember the pitch itself: the $5 box meal, mentioned over and over.

The spot, by DraftFCB Orange County, is one of a pair for Taco Bell in Super Bowl XLIV, and more the earworm than its companion ("Poem").

Barkley's first trip to the Super Bowl ad game came in 1994, when McDonald's made a sequel to the classic "The Showdown" called "One Year Later." He returned in 2008 for T-Mobile's "MyFaves."

Director: Kinka Usher, who also directed Pepsi's popular "Goose." Production companies: House of Usher, Directorz.

Creative directors: Teddy Brown, Jeff Maerov. Art director: Brian Engleman. Copywriter: Adam Novak. Senior agency producer: Tom Anderson.

Digital special effects: Hatch. Special effects: Method Studios. Editorial: Optimus. Editor: Grant MacDowell. Managing editor: Jim Staskauskas. Music/audio: Amber Music. Audio production: Lime Studios.

Food director: Tom Ryan.

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  • BrandTaco Bell
  • Year2010
  • AgencyDraftFCB
  • Superbowl #XLIV
  • Quarter airedQ4