Teleflora - Valentine's Night

January 05, 2012 | :30

Following a 2011 big-game ad that featured Faith Hill and a little humor ("Help Me Faith"), Teleflora here enlists Adriana Lima to fuel the ulterior motives of the year's biggest single audience of guys. 

Lima actually appeared in two Super Bowl ads in 2012, complementing "Valentine's Night" with Kia's "A Dream Car. For Real Life." Her Super Bowl debut came in 2008, when Victoria's Secret picked her for its return to the game after nine years off ("Victoria's Secret"). Where Victoria's Secret turned men's attention to the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday, though, Teleflora wants them to think of the night.

Teleflora released the ad three days before Super Bowl Sunday. It was the marketer's fourth Super Bowl ad in a row, but it began sitting out after that.

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