The Top 5 breakthrough creative ideas of the week

By Ann-Christine Diaz & Alfred Maskeroni | August 10, 2018 |

Welcome to the Creativity Top 5 most innovative brand ideas of the week.

At number five, Melbourne agency WhiteGrey and the Missing Persons Advocacy network took that familiar idea of the missing person photo and gave it a compelling artistic twist. They’ve put illustrated portraits of missing people on takeaway cups at twenty of Melbourne’s top cafes, an idea that’s garnered lots of press atttention and likely, more visibility for the individuals on the cups.

At number four, Dove partnered with Cartoon Network’s “Steven Universe” to help nurture self-confidence in girls. The effort consists of spots created out of Ogilvy U.K. as well as animated shorts created in the style of the show.

At number three, Happiness Brussels was behind this daring stunt to promote Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Who Is America” in Belgium for the BeTV network. The agency erected pop-up walls in front of Mexican restaurants and hung banners showcasing the series.

At number two, there’s no B.S. and plenty of Ice T in a campaign for RXBar, created out of Wieden & Kennedy Portland. The understated effort is meant to highlight the brand itself, with a focus on the packaging, which serves as a door that the rapper pops out of in a series of absurd ads.

And at number one, the Brady Center for Gun Violence, the Ad Council and Droga5 were behind a big idea aimed at curbing gun fatalities in the home. With support from the Gun Safety Alliance, they’ve introduced the term “family fire” into the vernacular with the hopes that naming the problem will help to solve it. The campaign is accompanied by a powerful ad depicting a father’s unsettling conversation with his son. It was directed by Jim Cummings out of Here Be Dragons.

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