The Top 5 most creative brand ideas you need to know about now

By I-Hsien Sherwood & Alfred Maskeroni | September 24, 2018 |

Welcome to the Creativity Top 5 most interesting brand ideas of the week.

5. Denny's: 'Mobile Relief Diner', EP & Co
Denny's is taking its grill on the road to provide food to people affected by natural disasters. After a trial run feeding victims of California wildfires, the Mobile Relief Diner is headed to North Carolina, with free pancakes, bacon and coffee for people hit by Hurricane Florence. The chain's creative agency of record EP&Co is getting the word out.

4. Nike: 'Fastest Ever', Wieden & Kennedy Portland
Nike's timing is perfect. Just days before Kenyan runner Eliud Kipchoge set a stunning new world record at the Berlin Marathon, this spot from Wieden & Kennedy came out: It features his feet, hitting the track like a meditative machine. It also hearkens back to Nike's attempt to break the 2-hour marathon record in 2017, a goal that seems a bit more attainable now.

3. Dean Phillips for Congress: 'We Found Bigfoot!', Hunt Adkins
The Pacific Northwest's hairiest protohuman makes a public appearance in a campaign ad for Dean Phillips, a Democrat running for the House in Minnesota's 3rd District. Bigfoot tries to track down Phillips' elusive opponent, Republican incumbent Erik Paulsen, in a spot from Minneapolis agency Hunt Adkins.

2. The National Lottery: 'Fisherman', Adam&Eve/DDB
A fisherman's life is never easy, and neither is his family's, in a spot for the U.K. National Lottery from Adam&Eve/DDB. While this sailor is working long shifts out at sea, his wife is holding down the fort at home. But what revelation awaits him when he finally comes back ashore?

1. Carlsberg: 'Snap Pack'
Danish brewery Carlsberg is doing away with environmentally harmful plastic six-pack rings and replacing them with… nothing. Instead, beer cans are being glued together with an adhesive that took three years to develop.