Truth - Shards O' Glass

February 01, 2004 | 1:00

There's advocacy advertising and then there are devastating attacks. Advocacy ads encompass work like Super Bowl XXXVIII's "Rewind," a message from the White House Office of Drug Control Policy encouraging parents to talk to their kids about drugs. "Shards O' Glass" is a frontal assault, not on smokers but lies about smoking. 

Of course there are many reasons these two examples differ, from their target audiences (parents vs. teens) to their targets (drug use vs. dissembling corporations). 

But the American Legacy Foundation and Arnold Worldwide, creators of the Truth assault on youth smoking, also had a knack for cutting through. The 2002 Super Bowl saw equally arresting anti-smoking work ("Ratman," "Squadron"), which in turn followed a stinging 2001 Super Bowl debut ("Electrolarynx," "46 Years Old"). Crispin Porter & Bogusky, another shop at the height of its game in the mid-2000s, collaborated with Arnold on "Shards O' Glass."

Director: Tim Godsall. Production company: Biscuit Filmworks. Cinematographer: Eric Treml. Producer: Karen O'Brien.

Chief creative officer: Ron Lawner. Group creative director: Alex Bogusky. Creative director: Tom Adams. Group creative director/art director: Pete Favat. Creative director/copywriter: Roger Baldacci. Agency producer: Amy Favat. Special effects: Brickyard VFX. Sound design: Soundtrack Editorial. Sound designer: Mike Secher. Editorial: Cosmo Street. Editor: Tom Scherma.

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  • BrandTruth
  • Year2004
  • AgencyArnold Worldwide, Crispin Porter & Bogusky
  • Superbowl #XXXVIII
  • Quarter aired