TurboTax - Humpty Hospital

February 05, 2017 | :45

Humpty Dumpty's nursery-rhyme ill fortune take realistic form, from the depressing hospital room to the seeping bodily fluids to the guilt and recriminations. And there's a clear link to TurboTax to boot, as Humpty uses live video chat to find out whether he can write off the costs associated with treating his severe injuries. 

The 45-second ad, by Wieden & Kennedy, was TurboTax's part of a broader 2017 campaign dubbed "Relax There's TurboTax." It promoted SmartLook, a live video connection to a TurboTax expert, credentialed CPA or enrolled agent to provide real-time, personalized answers to customers' questions. Other commercials in the campaign starred Kathy Bates, DJ Khaled, David Ortiz and Karla Souza.

It was TurboTax's fourth consecutive Super Bowl spot, using the game's unmatched reach and broad demongraphics to get at a pretty broad target market: almost everybody who pays taxes. The earlier ads in the streak were "Never a Sellout" (2016), "Boston Tea Party" (2015) and "Love Hurts" (2014).

The company debuted the first teaser during the NFL's AFC Championship game. 

Director: Ivan Zacharias. Production company: Smuggler. Co-founders: Brian Carmody, Patrick Milling Smith. Executive producer: Allison Kunzman. Director of photography: Adam Kimmel.

Creative director: Erik Fahrenkopf. Creative director: Max Stinson. Copywriter: Wayne Ching. Art director: Susan Land. Producer: Jeff Selis. Head of production: Ben Grylewicz.

VFX/color: The Mill.

Editorial: Joint Editorial. Editor: Matthew Hilber. Editorial: Robota. Editor: Filip Malasek.

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  • BrandTurboTax
  • Year2017
  • AgencyWieden & Kennedy
  • Superbowl #LI
  • Quarter airedQ2