Wix.com - #DisruptiveWorld

February 05, 2017 | :30

Jason "The Transporter" Statham and Gal "Wonder Woman" Godot total a restaurant in a brawl against (presumably) bad guys while the chef-preneur in the kitchen happily works on his website using Wix.com in this created ad, the company's third Super Bowl in a row (see also "Start Stunning" and "It's That Easy").

The ad was part of a campaign shot by director Louis Leterrier, known for his work in the "Transporter" films, "Unleashed," "The Incredible Hulk" and "Clash of the Titans," among others. The company also worked with the San Francisco creative team Jeff Huggins and Andrea Janetos.

"Disruptive World" would ultimately become the last in the Wix.com streak begun in 2015. In November 2017, with the 2018 Super Bowl LII bearing down, Wix.com said it had recently moved away from TV to target digital ads for a professional service -- and wasn't going to make an exception for the Super Bowl

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