Wonderful Pistachios - Get Crackin'

February 03, 2013 | :30

After a whole year listening to “Gangnam Style,” Super Bowl viewers got another 30 seconds of Psy, in a green suit, teaching his geeky dance moves to a group of dancing pistachios, to promote the nut as a healthy snack alternative.

The brand announced that Psy as the star of the spot well ahead of the game, but unlike so many ads in 2013, the creative itself was kept a secret until it aired. "It's exciting enough and visually has so much talk value. We want everyone to see it at once," Marc Seguin, VP-marketing, told Ad Age at the time

The campaign, done by in-house agency Fire Station, included promotions on social media and retail. Fans could upload a picture of how they "Get Crackin' Gangnam Style,'" for example, for a chance to win a 12-month lease on a 2013 Mercedes Benz SLK 250 -- the same car featured in the “Gangnam” video.

Wonderful Pistachios would return for Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014, but with a very different approach ("Get Crackin' America").

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