Google Chrome : 100,000 Stars

Map out our starry neighborhood.

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Nov 15, 2012

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Google gets you to touch the stars closest to our sun -- all 100,000 of them -- with its latest amazing Chrome experiment: 100,000 Stars. Created by the Google Data team with imagery and information from NASA, the European Space Agency, and Wikipedia, the map visualizes the starry neighborhood that surrounds us. You can zoom in to get more info about each star; clicking a name will pull in more data.

Aaron Koblin of Google Creative Lab wrote in a blog post about the experiment that the project uses Chrome's support for WEBGL, CSS3D and Web Audio, with the music provided by Mass Effect composer, Sam Hulick.

Just one note: this is a fun experiment, writes Google, and shouldn't be used for actual interstellar travel plans. You know, because that's something people do.