To Create This Gorgeous Cannabis Packaging, Artists Got High on the Products

Jeremy Fish, Tristan Eaton and Others Got Inspired Under the Influence

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Jun 06, 2017

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The packages of Rubicon Organics' new cannabis brand, 1964 Supply Co., are little works of art. A packet of its "Lemon Haze" offering depicts a funky picture of man-meets-musical instrument, created by Canadian musician/illustrator Ben Frey. San Francisco-based fine artist Jeremy Fish conceived another hybrid creature, a winged bunny who travels about on ladybug skates while something smokes out from his mortar-and-pestle back -- for the "Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint" strain. And L.A. street artist extraordinaire Tristan Eaton created a frenzied, frenetic hummingbird covered in eyeballs, lips and palm trees, for the brand's "Pineapple Express."

While the artists have already proved imaginative on their own, a special muse inspired them on this job -- the product itself.

Rubicon, along with Canadian agency One Twenty Three West sent samples of product to Frey, Fish, Eaton as well as other artists Joe Wilson, Hudson Christie, Katie So, Lauren Young Smith, Ben Tour and Cote Escriva) and asked them to create artwork while under the influence of the various cannabis strains. (The agency also helped to name the brand, inspired by the year THC was isolated.)

As you can imagine, it was pretty much a dream job for all -- or, perhaps, just business as usual. "My style fits with the strains that I have been assigned because they were two very powerful strains of grass, and usually when I create art, I'm stoned as hell," said Fish.

And for at least one artist, there was a bit of a risk-- cannabis is still illegal in the U.K., where Wilson is based.


Jun 06, 2017
Brand :
1964 Supply Co.
Client :
1964 Supply Co.
Agency :
One Twenty Three West-Vancouver

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