AICP's Mesmerizing Sponsor Reel Is Selected for New Directors' Showcase

Rupert Burton's Film Features Incredible Dancing Avatars

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Jun 13, 2016

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Rupert Burton's video for the AICP sponsor reel was one of the films selected for ths year's Saatchi's New Directors Showcase at Cannes. The New-York based director Rupert Burton worked with Method Studios on the spot, featuring visuals of professional dancers motion-captured then manipulated by digital artists using procedural animation and dynamic simulations.

Original story:

Attendees at the AICP show last week were treated to a mesmerizing, spectacular sponsor reel, created by Deluxe's Method Studios for production company RSA and featuring dancing like you've never seen it before.

Each sponsor's logo in the reel is displayed alongside a unique dancing avatar covered in elements ranging from fur to gold paint to chocolate to balloons. To form the basis for the movements, Method conducted a motion-capture shoot with two professional dancers (one male and one female) at House of Moves, and then artists digitally covered the dancers' bodies with playful elements created as procedural animations in Houdini.