MoonPie Respectfully Declines Twitter's 280-Character Offer

100-Year-Old Snack Brand Shows Them!

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Sep 27, 2017
280 Tweet

Editor's Pick

Twitter announced this week that it would be doubling its character limit from 140 to 280 and, as to be expected, brands went wild.

One of our favorites of the bunch is this one from Chattanooga, Tenn.-based MoonPie, who graciously declined the offer, in exactly 279 characters.

For a 100-year-old brand, the company's Twitter persona is razor sharp, and sometimes kinda twisted, posting potential, strange spot scripts, about how weird it would be if its inventor were still around ("I think he'd be proud but also a little freaked out since everyone he once knew would be gone") and tips on what to do if you lost your wallet ("just know you can stuff a MoonPie in your back pocket and it almost feels the same").