Reebok Makes Bid to Add a 'Fitness' Oscar to the Academy Awards

President Matt O'Toole Reached Out to New Academy President John Bailey

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Aug 09, 2017

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Reebok has been quick to become part of the broader cultural conversation in various marketing endeavors. It's joined the space race, called out Trump's misogynistic comments with an cheeky flow chart, and even jumped onto the male romper trend. Now, it's making a play for the Oscars.

Today, Reebok President Matt O'Toole sent a letter to John Bailey, the new president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This was not congrats note from one pres to another. Rather, it was a plea to the Academy to recognize one hard-working community that remains under-appreciated in Hollywood -- fitness trainers.

In the letter, O'Toole asks Bailey to award the craft of physical fitness. If makeup artists and costume designers get to take the stage, why not those responsible for making Henry Cavill the Man of Steel, Hugh Jackman the Wolverine, or Natalie Portman the Swan Queen?

"These people often hail from outside the glitz of Hollywood," he wrote. "They've crafted their expertise on the playing field, in their garage gyms and even defending our country. Their diverse backgrounds mean they are not traditional movie heroes, but ask any motion picture star and they will tell you, these are the people who power the scenes and stories fans love so much Let's call attention to this group and reward their hard work with the rigors of other motion picture crafts. No longer will these be the unsung heroes of summer blockbusters but instead role models for fans everywhere."

Reebok tweeted the letter to Bailey today. Check it out in full above, or read the open letter on Reebok's site.