This bakery made a box to block your mobile phone signal during meal time

Latest attempt to get people to switch off digitally comes from Canada's Ace Bakery

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Nov 21, 2019

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Detoxing from your devices seems to be a huge trend for advertisers this season (see HP's recent campaigns) as the dangers of social media addiction and being "always on" dominate cultural conversation.

The latest attempt to switch off comes from a Canadian artisanal bakery, Ace Bakery, which made a special wooden box for people to put their phones in during mealtimes. Created by Toronto agency Mosaic, the "Breadblox" is described by the company as a "modern take on the bread box" that not only blocks the phone signal but hides the phone completely. It was designed with an “out of sight out of mind” mentality, allowing users to choose to put away their phones and know that they won’t be missing anything.

The $39.95 bamboo and glass polymer box can be bought online (the original run of 50 is already sold out, but Ace is planning a second run). It has room for seven phones and comes with a bamboo cutting board. To emphasizes its benefits, it comes in packaging featuring a design of a soundwave being silenced. 

"We often say that meals are sacred times to bond with those we care about, but as we’ve seen these moments are often disrupted by our device’s distractions." explains Ace Bakery’s senior brand Manager Rachel Leung. "It’s not even enough to flip our phones over anymore – it’s been proven that the mere presence of our phones causes us to not be present.”

“We didn’t want to just tell people to disconnect. It was about walking the walk and actually giving people the tool to do so,” adds Jess Willis, VP executive creative drector of Mosaic.



Nov 21, 2019
Client :
Ace Bakery
Agency :
VP Executive Creative Director :
Jess Willis
Creative Director Art Director :
Jason Soucé
Associate Creative Director Copywriter :
Sasha Newton
Senior Designer :
Julia Hummel
Design Director/3D Artist :
Tony Melino
Project Manager :
Jess Disipio
Project Manager :
Danielle Castellino
Senior Director :
Chris Desjardins
Account Director :
Shannon Robinson
Account Director :
Nicole Bakker
Director PR & Influencer :
Erin Del Giudice
Innovation Studio :
Producer :
Alice Pelot
Production :
Agency Producer :
Julia Morris
Agency Producer :
Jess Parsons
Line Producer :
Shayda Omidvar
Director :
Brad Dworkin
Director of Photography :
Justin Black
CGI & Animation Studio :
Executive Producer :
Andria Minott
Director/Partner :
Ron Gervais
Animation Director :
Dave Greene
Audio House :
Toronto Sound
Partner/Post Production :
Aaron Gaistman
Print Manufacturer :
Godin Productions
Partner :
Kevin Godin
Photography Studio :
Westside Studios
Photographer :
Vicky Lam

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