Adidas debuted a streaming network of 'oddly satisfying' content around a single sneaker

Johannes Leonardo introduces the ZX Boost shoe with the 'Zxience' platform

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Oct 07, 2020

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If the world’s too much to handle right now, here’s an offering from Adidas Originals you might want to lose yourself in—twelve full hours of “oddly satisfying” content inspired by one single shoe.

To promote the ZX 2K Boost, the brand worked with Johannes Leonardo to create the “Zxience” network. It features about 50 films inspired by popular social media trends, featuring everything from ASMR to cake-cutting to slime oozes. The ZX shoe serves as the subject of such experiments—as a hyper-realistic cake that gets sliced, the facial masterpiece of a make-up artist and more. 


In 1984, Adidas introduced ZX as a collection designed to address the needs of all kinds of runners, whether they were casual joggers or competitive long-distance athletes.  The construction of each shoe was tailored to such specific needs, and the new campaign speaks, in sometimes weird ways, to the creativity and technology that goes into each sneaker.