Air Wick's tribute to wildflowers kicks off pledge to plant 1 billion square feet of them

A partnership with World Wildlife Fund is brought to life by Havas New York and Blink Ink animation studio

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Mar 09, 2021

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Anyone who’s ever let their lawn go to seed knows that wildflowers are the foundation of a complex ecosystem. Left alone, grasslands support insect, bird and rodent populations, as well as the majestic predators and megafauna that areas like the Great Plains are famous for.

A new campaign from Air Wick, which uses wildflower fragrances in its scents, touts the benefits of native flora and encourages viewers to plant just a single square foot of wildflowers as part of an effort to reseed 1 billion square feet in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund.

A colorful stop-motion video from Havas New York and Blink Ink (the London animation studio behind John Lewis’ “The Bear & the Hare” and Harvey Nichols’ “Shoplifters”) makes use of recycled papers, natural paints and other environmentally friendly materials to illustrate a tale of a land reclaimed. The spot required hundreds of thousands of individual shots, 200 hours of set design, 150 hours of paper folding, 100 hours of shooting and 25 puppets.

“To create a vibrant world and showcase this message, we knew we couldn’t rely on stock footage or be restricted by the COVID-19 production challenges that come with a traditional shoot," said Pam Kim, executive creative director at Havas New York, in a statement. "Animation felt like an obvious answer." Stop-motion, she added, helped ensure it would feel more natural.

Creatures portrayed in the film represent animals from the Northern Great Plains, where Air Wick and WWF are focusing their efforts. The campaign “will drive meaningful change to protect nature, and encourage the public to join in and do their part to restore one of the critical components that nature needs to survive by planting wildflowers native to their community,” said Chris Tedesco, CMO, Hygiene at Reckitt Benckiser.


Mar 09, 2021
Client :
Air Wick
Agency :
Havas-New York
Chief Marketing Officer Hygiene :
Chris Tedesco
Vice President Marketing :
Raheel Dhaduk
Senior Brand Manager :
Laura Stempa
Brand Manager :
Tina Cao
Dan Lucey
Laura Maness
President & Chief Strategy Officer :
Tim Maleeny
Executive Creative Director :
Tim Maleeny
Executive Creative Director :
Pam Kim
Creative Director Copy :
E Slody
Creative Director Art :
Jon Randazzo
Associate Creative Director Copy :
Richard Douek
Associate Creative Director Art :
Fernando Mattei
Managing Director & Head of Account Management :
Morgan Seamark
Global Client Partner :
Casey Ritts
Account Supervisor :
Nicholas Widmer
Head of Production :
Cathy Pitegoff
Executive Broadcast Producer :
Joyce Roughley
Junior Producer :
Charles Williams
Head of Strategic Planning :
Alexis deMontaigu
Strategy Director :
Jessica Joseph
Director :
Catherine Prowse
Producer :
Gareth Owen
Executive Producer :
Bart Yates
Editor :
Jamie Harris
Simon Jacobs
Puppet Modeler :
Adeena Grubb
Set Dresser :
Alice Simonato
Modelmaker :
Natalie Jones
Modelmaker :
Megan Hursthouse
Modelmaker :
Mara Frampton
Modelmaker :
Tina Luo
Animator :
Stephen Warne
Animator :
Andy Biddle
Animator :
Tim Allen
Set Build :
Button London
Head of Sets :
Damian Pajak
Head of Sets :
Rohan Wadham
Set Builder :
Steve Simmonds
Visual Effects :
TeamDigital VFX
Visual Effects :
Pineapple VFX Ltd
Colorist :
Connor Coolbear
Composer :
Beacon Street Studios
Composer :
Andrew Feltenstein
Composer :
John Nau
Music Producer :
Lindsey Lerman
Sound Design/Mix Engineer :
Rommel Molina
SD/Mix Senior Producer :
Kate Vadnais
Concept Artist :
Jordan Bruner
Voice Over :
Jessica Kaliban

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