Alexa helps a homeschooling dad explain Pompeii in Amazon's blockbuster ad

Latest ad from Droga5 London recreates the eruption of Vesuvius

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Apr 20, 2021

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A new global spot for Amazon's Alexa recreates the destruction of Pompeii and eruption of Mount Vesuvius in blockbuster fashion, as the voice assistant makes history come alive for a homeschooling dad.

The spot continues Alexa's “A voice is all you need” campaign and is directed with cinematic flair by Andreas Nilsson via Biscuit. It opens with chaotic scenes in the volcano-ravaged city as people try to flee the destruction. However, our protagonist stands calmly by, observing the mayhem while eating a sandwich and asking only what the date is (79 AD). As we cut back to his modern-day kitchen, he answers his homeschooling daughter's query about when Pompeii was destroyed—but is stumped by her next question about the name of the volcano.

The ad may well strike some chords with parents struggling to be the fount of all knowledge for their kids during the pandemic. “As the last year has proven, every parent can understand what it’s like not to know the answer to a school-related question," says David Kolbusz, chief creative officer at Droga5 London. "This new ad in our Alexa campaign demonstrates how the voice assistant can help folks like me—without a teaching bone in their body—fake it til they make it.”



Apr 20, 2021
Client :
Amazon Alexa
Agency :
Amazon Global Chief Creative Officer :
Simon Morris
Amazon Executive Director of Global Creative :
Jo Shoesmith
Amazon Group Creative Director :
Colin Gaul
Chief Creative Officer :
David Kolbusz
Executive Creative Director :
Shelley Smoler
Creative Director :
Jonathan Thake
Creative :
Creative :
Liam Crerar
Joint Managing Director :
Heather Cuss
Account Director :
Max Levine
Head of Strategy :
Damien Le Castrec
Agency Producer :
Chris Watling
Agency Producer :
Peter Montgomery
Agency Assistant Producer :
Manon Rees
Production Company :
Director :
Andreas Nilson
Executive Producer :
Rupert Reynolds-MacLean
Producer :
Jonathan Wang
Lasse Frank

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