Tessa Thompson and Michael B. Jordan kick phishing butt in Amazon cybersecurity PSA

Amazon partners with National Cybersecurity Alliance for online safety campaign

Published On
Aug 22, 2022

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Actors Tessa Thompson and Michael B. Jordan are lending their action movie skills to a new cybersecurity campaign. The “Thor: Love and Thunder” and “Black Panther” stars headline the collaboration between the National Cybersecurity Alliance and Amazon to give internet criminals a kick in the phish.

Directed by Prettybird’s Paul Hunter, the lead spot for the “Protect & Connect” campaign finds the two cyber vigilantes trying to protect a young computer user who inputs his information into a suspicious website. “You just got phished!” exclaims Jordan, referring to the act of stealing personal or financial information through internet trickery. 

A knock at the door announces the arrival of IRL cyber hackers, led by a man wearing a Hawaiian-print shirt. As Jordan punches and smashes the intruders, Thompson helps the victim update his password, which they do just in time for her to use the keyboard as a battle weapon. Finally, the team finds victory by enrolling in multi-factor authentication. 

The spot, which will air on Amazon’s owned channels as well as paid digital and social, points viewers to a campaign website that houses resources for upping one’s cyber protection. It answers common questions, such as what phishing is, how to use multi-factor verification and common ways to avoid online trouble, each accompanied by instructional videos. 

“The impact I hope to have with this PSA is to get more people to take your online security seriously,” said Jordan in a statement. “I think it's something that is sometimes out of sight out of mind. Hopefully this PSA encourages people change their passwords as often as they can and take the necessary precautions to protect their personal information online.”

The campaign was created out of agency Ventureland, with the support of Amazon’s Prime Video team for its concept and connections to talent. Earlier this year, Amazon joined the board of the National Cybersecurity Alliance after years of supporting its consumer education initiative, Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which takes place each October.