This bizarre love story depicts how close we get to our favorite TV characters

Three-minute ad from Peru's America Television brings a strange twist to a popular series

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Nov 18, 2019

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The love story gets a bizarre twist in this odd, poignant film from Peruvian broadcaster America TV,  promoting one of the country’s most popular shows, “De Vuelta al Barrio.” 

The three-minute tale from Circus Grey opens on what seems to be a scene of the show, with one of its main characters, Beto, played by actor Santiago Suarez, greeting his buddies outside of school. He becomes distracted however, when he sees someone in the distance—a woman named Elena, who, it turns out, happens to be on the other side of the TV screen.

The two lock eyes, and from then on become lost in each other’s presence. Elena, played by actress Dann Ben Haim, continues to watch the show, Beto continues to watch her back, and the two fall in love. With each new episode, the lovers grow closer and even enter each other’s worlds—as the show plays on her phone Elena turns her device outwards so Beto can get a glimpse of her life too.

One day, when Elena fails to show up, the story takes a dramatic turn, and you’ll have to keep watching to see if, and how, the two reunite. 

Jacques Aragonés, America Television chief marketing officer explained that the agency and broadcaster worked hand in hand to develop the tail. “From here, on television, we want to see better ideas, and much more emotion,, and we hope to be contributing to this,” he said in a statement.

“The emotional reason why we go to TV every day, at the same time and on the same channel, is because of that close relationship that is generated between us and the endearing characters of the series,” added Charlie Tolmos, Circus Grey executive creative director. “This idea lives at the exact crossroads of entertainment and pop culture in the country.”

The spot’s backing track is a cover of ‘80s Peruvian pop hit “Fantasy,” rerecorded with singer Arianna Fernandez.


Nov 18, 2019
Client :
America Television
Agency :
Circus Grey
Chief Marketing Officer :
Jacques Aragones
Brand Manager :
Ana Paola Mazuelos
In-house Art Director :
Mauricio Torres
PR Manager :
Mariana Ibarcena
Pedro José de Zavala
Chief Creative Officer :
Jose Luis Rivera y Pierola
Executive Creative Director :
Charlie Tolmos
Creative Director :
Yasu Arakaki
Creative Director :
Rodrigo Melgar
Head Account Manager :
Zinka Mendoza
Account Director :
Jackeline Sztrancman
Account Supervisor :
Vanessa Ortega
Account Executive :
Alejandra Cardenal
Head of Production :
Renzo Talavera
Group Executive Producer :
Claudia Alvarez
Assistant Producer :
Ximena Rojas
Production Company :
Director :
Manuel Oxenford
Executive Producer :
Alejandro Noriega
Production Manager :
Karen Nolte
Assistant Producer :
Maria Fernanda Mendoza
1st Assistant Director :
Eduardo Bezerra
2nd Assistant Director :
Renato Arestegui
Director of Photography :
Julian Amaru Estrada
Gaffer :
Lander Torres
Focus Assistant :
Nicolas Lastschenko
Camara Assistant :
Carlos Ezeta
Video Assistant :
Sergio Peña
Data Manager :
GianCarlo Segovia
Art Director :
Coco Miranda
Field Producer :
Oh Margot
Art Producer :
Cecilia Herrera
Custom Designer :
Claudia Mansillas
Make Up Artist :
Nery Romero
Casting :
Off Line/ Editing :
Rossana Samanamud
On Line / Color :
Sound and Music Designer :
Cover Lead Singer :
Arianna Fernández
Original Music :
Fantasy by Autocontrol
Head of Production :
Estela Redhead
General Manager and Series Scriptwriter :
Gigio Aranda
Executive Producer :
Cristian Rocha
Director of Photography :
Carlos de la Cadena
Art Producer :
Elena Ibarra
Costume Designer :
Mónica Passapera
Make-up Artist :
Edith Ávila
Make-up Assistant :
Erika Alata
Make-up Assistant :
Andrea Escobedo
Other Credit :
Carlos Wilson
Other Credit :
Rómulo Peralta
Other Credit :
Bruno Fernández
Other Credit :
Marcos Pilco
Actress :
Danna Ben Haim

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