Apple and Megaforce are floating on air in peacefully escapist AirPods Pro ad

Turn on Active Noise Cancellation, and a Pixies cover, and leave the noise of the big city behind

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Mar 15, 2023
A construction worker jackhammering into a piece of earth that's floating in the sky

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AirPods, take me away!

Apple reunites with Iconoclast directors Megaforce—known in part for their gravity-defying Burberry spots—to create a fanciful new AirPods Pro commercial that floats serenely above the fray.

Though actually, it’s the reverse. Our heroine, navigating a big and noisy city, uses the AirPods’ Active Noise Cancellation feature to stay beneath the fray, as noise polluters like jackhammering workers, a lavish street parade and honking traffic are silenced—and indeed, drift hundreds of feet up, leaving the woman blissfully in peace.


The spot, from TBWA\Media Arts Lab, features a cover by Tkay Maidza of the Pixies song "Where Is My Mind?” The :60 is running online, while a :30 cutdown will air in 19 global markets.

Megaforce has shot a few different spots for Apple, including “Couch” for Apple AirTag and “Go Time” for Apple Watch Series 2.