Anime characters toil 'Behind the Mac' in Apple's Japanese ad

Campaign moves on to the world of fiction

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Mar 02, 2020

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Apple’s “Behind the Mac” campaign has shined a light on the hard work creatives famous and unknown put into their projects before they release them out into the world. The effort kicked off in 2018 with an ad depicting the likes of musician Grimes, photographer Bruce Hall and entrepreneur Peter Kariuki lighting up behind the screens of their Macs. It's gone on to feature celebrities including Paul McCartney, Kermit the Frog, Oprah Winfrey, David Bowie and FKA Twigs. And now, it's diving into the world of anime.

Apple and TBWA\Media Arts Lab Tokyo pulled together found footage from real Japanese anime titles, including films such as "Mirai" and "Birthday Wonderland" as well as TV shows like "New Game!" and "Mr. Osomatsu," according to Anime News Network. The all feature characters toiling away at their Macs (or laptops that bear striking resemblances to Macs, though the logos are a bit off). 

The effort targets Japanese students, inviting them to “create a story the world’s never seen.”

Backing the new ad is the track “I am Syujinkou” (“I am the protagonist”) by Kaho Nakamura, an inspirational tune that encourages youth to be the heroes of their own stories.